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Meddy Gerville at New Morning

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Meddy Gerville at New Morning 2 imageWant to party and eat creole food? Go and have a look at New Morning (famous concert hall in Paris, France) this Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 8 P.M. and take part in “Ri Sofé” of Meddy Gerville, mixture of jazz and rhythms of the Reunion Island.

Below the program of the evening:

  • Cocktail dinner throughout the evening with the Epicurean Circle of Reunion Island: Jean-Claude Cléret, Eric Lavalle & Bernard Philippe.
  • 1st part: Fabrice Legros.
  • 2nd part: Meddy Gerville
  • Line up :
    Meddy Gerville : Lead/Piano/Voix/Vocals
    Michel Alibo : Basse/Bass
    Titi Dufour : Batterie/Drums
    Jérôme Calciné : Percussions
  • Guests :
    Nicolas Folmer : Trompette/Trumpet
    Stéphane Guillaume : Sax
    Daniel Zimmermann : Trombone
    Jim Célestin : Sax

Learn more about the concert at New Morning:

Jean-Christophe Nurbel

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