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2016 Marrakech International Film Festival: The list of the award winners 1 image

2016 Marrakech International Film Festival: The list of the award winners

Dernière mise à jour : juin 23rd, 2019 at 12:23 am

After a week of competition, 2016 Marrakech International Film Festival closes on the list of the winners awarded by a Jury chaired by the director Belà Tarr.

The Donor by Zang Qiwu (China)



Plot :

Yang Ba, a father, needs money to prevent the demolition of his house and to pay the school fees of his son. He decided to sell one of his kidneys to the rich Li Daguo who hopes to save his sister’s life. But the transplant fails, and Li Daguo so covets the kidney of the son of Yang…

Mister Universo by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel (Austria & Italy)


Plot :

Tairo, a young lion tamer, is not happy. The disappearance of his lucky charm serves as a pretext for a trip through Italy looking for Arthur Robin, a former Mr. universe, Who had once offered it to him.

Knife in the clear Water by Wang Xuebo (China)


Plot :

In the remote mountains of the province of Ningxia, the old Ma Zishan is mourning his wife, loved by all in the village. On the occasion of the traditional ceremony of the 40 days of her disappearance, his son wants to sacrifice the single Bull belonging to the family. Ma Zishan does not oppose it, but the grief and love he feels for the old animal make him hesitate. Even his prayers or the imam fail to lift his doubts. Until one morning, the old bull stops drinking and eating, as if he foresaw his imminent death …

Fereshteh Hosseini
for Parting by Navid Mahmoudi
(Iran and Afghanistan)



Two young Afghans, Fereshteh and Nabi, love each other passionately but Fereshteh must follow her parents who leave the country to take refuge in Iran. Some time later, Nabi decides to cross the border illegally to join his beloved and take her with him to a better life, together, in Europe.

Baldur Einarsson and Blaer Hinriksson
for Hearthstone by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson
(Denmark & Iceland)



In an isolated fishing village deep in Iceland, two teenagers, Thor and Christian, live an eventful summer. While one tries to conquer the heart of a girl, the other discovers himself experiencing new feelings towards his best friend. At the end of the summer, when nature suddenly seems to be resuming its rights on the island, it is time to leave childhood and, for the two young boys, to accept to meet their new responsibilities as adults.


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