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[REVIEW] "L’Épreuve" by Tommy Weber 1 image

[REVIEW] “L’Épreuve” by Tommy Weber

Dernière mise à jour : août 7th, 2016 at 12:34 am

After the release of a first feature film on Dailymotion (see Callao by Tommy Weber on Dailymotion) and a first play with Le Médecin malgré lui (litterally, The Doctor in spite of himself) by Molière, here is the new classic play directed by Tommy Weber: L’Épreuve (litterally, The Test) by Marivaux, a comedy in one act and prose by the French playwright Marivaux.


While he is sure about the heart of Angelique (Marianne Fabbro), Lucidor (Quentin Paulhiac) wants to know if he is loved because he is a rich. This is what he attempts to clarify through putting Angelique to test by offering her a pretender (Augustin de Monts) who is in fact his disguised valet. The plot thickens with the arrival of a new suitor (Aurélien Rondeau).

It is through the beautiful naked leg of Angélique that we enter in the world of the play L’Épreuve. Beautiful image of desire that will force the rich Lucidor to test the love of his beloved in order to be sure of her sincerity.

So it’s in the small theater Théâtre du Marais that after a little sluggish introduction, the play of Marivaux, L’Épreuve, drives the characters in a series of misunderstandings and situations becoming more complicated and funny .

Two benches, one candle, the direction of Tommy Weber on L’Épreuve goes to the essential and deploys in particular such a beautiful idea of direction with the shoes. Shoes of desire (bare leg of Angelique at the beginning) and therefore artifice (the exchange of shoes between servant and master rises the first one to the class of the second one) that must be corrected to stop the pretense (Angelique will be barefoot to receive the love of the man she loves).

Served by a troupe of professional actors and a nice direction, L’Épreuve by Marivaux is a play to discover at the Théâtre du Marais in Paris (France).

About the play:

Last year we created Le Médecin malgré lui (litterally, The Doctor in spite of himself) by Molière. The success has given us the desire to repeat the experience around another classic and a new author Marivaux, L’Épreuve (litterally, The Test).
L’Épreuve is a comedy in one act. The main work has been to respect the language of Marivaux, which was not evident.
L’Épreuve is a magnificent play in its cruelty, its romantism and its funniness but also a ambiguous play with obscure characters.
Lucidor can be interpreted as a cruel man, a greedy seducer and as a very naive man. I see him as a man truly in love who is afraid of being loved for his fortune, and that awkwardness will get him bogged in a terrible cruelty.
On this initial choice, I have developed a simple direction with two benches as decoration. Therefore, everything depends on interpretation by seeking the depth and the comic of each characters , and the right body movement, the rythm ; I want to propose a strong theater in its working-drawing.
Directing a show which is going to be played for a long time, it’s also setting up a cohesive team, ensuring their involvement and the sincere joy they will bear to the project.
To sum up, I offer the truth and the joy that I put to test of the theater! “

— Tommy Weber.

To learn more:

  • L’Épreuve (1740)
    Author: Marivaux
    Madam Argante: Aurélien Rondeau
    Angélique: Marianne Fabbro
    Lisette: Zoé Fauconnet
    Lucidor: Quentin Paulhiac
    Frontin: Augustin de Monts
    Maître Blaise: Aurélien Rondeau
    Director: Tommy Weber
    Location: Théâtre du Marais, 37 rue Volta 75003 PARIS
Jean-Christophe Nurbel

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