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“Éclats de vie” by Jacques Weber

"Éclats de vie" by Jacques Weber 1 image

Dernière mise à jour : août 7th, 2016 at 02:10 pm French actor Jacques Weber is taking his ease for a few weeks at theater Hébertot and is playing again his show “Seul en scène” under an other title and always the same great pleasure to share his favorite authors on the stage: Éclats de vie.

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[REVIEW] “L’Épreuve” by Tommy Weber

[REVIEW] "L’Épreuve" by Tommy Weber 6 image

Dernière mise à jour : août 7th, 2016 at 12:34 amAfter the release of a first feature film on Dailymotion (see Callao by Tommy Weber on Dailymotion) and a first play with Le Médecin malgré lui (litterally, The Doctor in spite of himself) by Molière, here is the new classic play directed by Tommy Weber: L’Épreuve (litterally, The Test) by Marivaux, a comedy in one act and prose by the French playwright Marivaux.

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