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le vilain affiche

[REVIEW] Who is “The Villain” (2008) by Albert Dupontel?

Dernière mise à jour : août 14th, 2016 at 10:27 pm

The journalist who interviews a director without having seen his film or a director who pretends not to need the TV promotion? Small storm in a teacup, this non-event media has launched the film “The Villain” (“Le Vilain”, 2008) by Albert Dupontel that started very well in theaters in France.


A bank robber, the Villain, returns after 20 years away to hide at his mother Maniette. She is naive and religious bigot, it is the perfect hideout. But she discovers at that occasion the true nature of her son and decides to put him in the “right way”. So follows a duel both burlesque and ruthless between mother and son.

“The Villain”:
Albert Dupontel and Catherine Frot together
for the second time


The director Albert Dupontel is part of its directors who have a very marked world and that since his early films ( “Bernie”, “The Creator”, “Locked Out”). Fan of the wide angle which distorts the face of actors, of the slapstick (see this unreal chase between The Villain and his former accomplices), of bric-a-brac and crafts but which hurt (we think here of the dark humor of the first Coen), Dupontel has always been interested in filming the marginal or small people (the homeless in “Locked Out”, the little old men in “The Villain”).

Second film of the actor Albert Dupontel and the actress Catherine Frot after “Odette Toulemonde” (2007) by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. And the contrast between this very physical comedian (a lot of cascades) and this actress more fragile works perfectly. Still as wonderful, Catherine Frot plays a mother who tries to bring her son to apologize by all means.

Impressive supporting roles


Let you be won over by the corrosive humor of the film and its gallery of the impressive supporting roles with :

  • Bernard Farcy of the “Taxi” as an inspector of police,
  • the Belgian Bouli Lanners as a dishonest estate agent,
  • the faithful Nicolas Marrié as a doctor not very sure of himself,
  • and the Deschiens Philippe Duquesnel as a painter.

A special mention to the turtle Penelope who has put herself in tune with the physical play (stunts) of the Villain. Come on, be a villain and go see the movie!



To learn more:

  • “The Villain” (2009)
    Director and Scriptwriter : Albert Dupontel
    Director of photography : Pierre-Yves Bastard
    Editor : Christophe Pinel
    Producer : Catherine Bozorgan
    Production : ADCB Films, StudioCanal, France 2 Cinéma
    Catherine Frot : the Villain’s mother
    Albert Dupontel : The Villain
    Bouli Lanners : Korazy
    Philippe Duquesnel : The red-haired painter
    Bernard Farcyl : Inspector Elliot
    Christine Murillol : Miss Somoza
    Nicolas Marié : Doc William
Jean-Christophe Nurbel

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