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Séries Mania season 1, orgy of series in Paris 1 image

Séries Mania season 1, orgy of series in Paris

Dernière mise à jour : août 19th, 2016 at 01:43 am

From Tuesday 6 to Sunday, April 11, 2010 in Paris (France), the Forum des images has launched the 1st edition of Séries Mania (literally “Series Mania”), a festival devoted entirely to French and international television series.

Séries Mania 2010 :
a series festival not to miss


During five days, we’ll have:

  • projections in cinema of episodes of American series (“FlashForward”, “24”, “Breaking Bad”, “V”…), Brazilian serie (“Filhos do Carnaval”), British series (“Criminal Justice”, “Money “, “Skins”…), Canada serie (“Confessions”), Chinese series (“Liberation “,” The Rebirth of a King “), French series (“Desparate Parents”, “Engrenages”, “Les Invincibles”…), Israeli serie (“BeTipul”), Mexican serie (“Capadocia”) but also meetings with creators (Brannon Braga of “FlashForward”, Clyde Phillips of “Dexter”, … ),
  • conferences (eg “The Wire”, Best World Series? with Pierre Serisier, a journalist for Reuters, writer and author of Blog Le Monde des séries),
  • public debates (eg public debate with team “Pigalle la nuit”),
  • roundtables professional (eg, Soap opera: Franco-British crossover study on “Eastenders” and “Plus belle la vie” with Kate Harwood of BBC and George Desmouceaux of “Plus belle la vie”),
  • etc… etc…

A festival not to miss and which spotlights our favorite series (projection in large screen anyway!), with the added bonus of projection of the full season 2 of American TV series “True Blood” and “Mad Men”.


Jean-Christophe Nurbel

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