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♥ [REVIEW] "Je reviens de mourir" (2008) by Antoine Dole: The breath away 1 image

♥ [REVIEW] “Je reviens de mourir” (2008) by Antoine Dole: The breath away

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A crush and an unexpected slap. At the publication of the book by Antoine Dole, Je reviens de mourir (aka I Have Died Again, 2008), it is a tragedy! There are critics on all side : a book “too violent”, “unsuited to the public”, “without hope or desire for redemption”. Indeed, the book is harsh. The description of pain and despair makes the story difficult to read. However, this brutality does not leave us indifferent… You go through all the colors and read each sentence, shuddering.


Marion, a young woman, falls in love with a man who beats her, and uses her as a prostitute. She sometimes wants to leave, to escape from a life that destroys her, but it’s like she could’nt survive without despair and her addiction to this man…
Eva desperately kills all by feelings having sex with all men she finds…. Until she met David, the only one who could change something and help her to open her heart…

Je reviens de mourir:
A Bulles de Culture’s favorite novel


But life is cruel more often than we think, and doesn’t let a chance to happiness and redemption for everybody.
It’s the dark but real side of reality that Antoine Dole explores with strength and authenticity in the novel Je reviens de mourir.

Your heart will shiver more than once by reading this brilliant words of fatality and sadness. Maybe you’ll have tears in your eyes.
I did.

It’s difficult to find a right way to describe such an intense writing.

One thing is sure, you will remember Je reviens de mourir for a very long time.

Avec lui, heureuse dans mon château de sable, j’ai pas vu venir la vague. Chaque princesse à son prince. Comme d’autres naissent pour accomplir une chose précise et retombent en poussière, il a fallu le faire venir à moi et lui appartenir.

Je reviens de mourir is a Bulles de Culture’s favorite novel.


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