[REVIEW] “Pas à pas dans la brume électrique” (2009), a trip to Louisiana along with the director Bertrand Tavernier

After forty-one days of shooting in Louisiana for the film “In the Electric Mist” with American actor Tommy Lee Jones, the French director Bertrand Tavernier (“Death Watch”, “Round Midnight” and “Fresh Bait”) remembers this rich but also arduous experience in his book “Pas à pas dans la brume électrique” (litterarly, “Step by step in the electric mist”).

“Pas à pas dans la brume électrique”:
story of a shooting


“Pas à pas dans la brume électrique”, it’s at first an electric atmosphere electric because the shooting has been undermined by relations of increasingly contentious between the director and producer, and between the director and some technicians.

Atmosphere of haze because despite these difficulties, Tavernier plunges us day after day and with a certain pleasure to the heart of Louisiana (the shooting took place near the town of New Iberia), and make us share with delight the Cajun music, the Creole cuisine (recipe for “roast pheasant Segura” for bonus) while he describes a hot, humid and foggy district where the traces left by Katrina Hurricane are still very present.

Finally, through this book, we learn the wonderful work and involvement of Tommy Lee Jones on the film, from his work on the text to its rewrite of certain scenes.

“Before writing a word, I want to explore the city, New Iberia, the neighboring parishes, Louisiana where lives Dave Robicheaux and which plays a so important role for James Lee Burke: importance of the light, smells, moisture which penetrates the soil, soaks the vegetation. I want to soak up the country, its traditions, its History, its music, its soul. Discover the violence and beauty, making them mine. “

— Bertrand Tavernier

So if you too, Louisiana makes you dream, feel free to browse the log book of this exciting and passionate filmmaker. And even if at the end of the book, you’ll probably be hungry, thirsty and have a furious desire of Cajun music, you will not regret the trip!


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