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"Hercules" (2014), without any Thrace 1 image

“Hercules” (2014), without any Thrace

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After having being eaten and swallowed by the Finnish ogre Renny Harlin, Hercules is back for a new adventure. Will it be as strong as his muscles ?

Hercules poster

In the universe of cinema, there are some reactions which can surprised the attentive observer.
Of course The legend of Hercules directed by Renny Harlin was very bad, but would it justify the unreasonable expectations for the next adventure of the son of Zeus promised few months later.
Even the presence of Dwayne « The rock » Johnson could legitimate the fantasm of action fans they would have of the careful being after seeing the name of the director : the famous Brett Ratner !!

No need to waste time to speak about the guy, his filmography is the best plea for his disfavor.
But we have to admit that every Brett Ratner’s movies intrigue and leave curious because of a prestigious cast, so why not this one ?

Hercules image 1

The main obvious thing is the way that Brett Ratner doens’t care at all about the Hercules universe, to be clear the movie would be exactly the same if i twas named « Expendables in the antique Greece ».
Exit the labours of Hercules, his relation with his father and his status of mortal despite his filliation.

Here Hercules is a mercenary hired by Lord Cotys (John Hurt) to kick bottom of an army lead by Rhesus.
Slowshot like in Armageddon, oafish jokes, pretty warrior in short skirt and gadgets like James Bond, we have no doubt : it’s a Brett Ratner’s movie.
He’s the best to know how to attract the shirker.
It’s a pity because some sets are very impressive and some battles rather fun, but the spirit of the movie was too close of the tv show with Kevin Sorbo to offer a deserving mythological fresco as some expected.

Hercules image 2

It’s diificult to claim that the movie would be better without Ratner, but let us be honnest the movie is not a wreck.
We can see it like the old B-Movies (with more money) which used bodybuilder like Steeve Reeves or Schwarzy to play the son of Zeus.
The most shameful is to see Hollywood use the mythologiy like an intellectual caution to hide the stupidity of its movies.
After Harlin and Ratner we’re now expecting the next adventure of Hercule directed by Paul W. S. Anderson with Milla Jovovich in the lead role and named « Hercule-girl ».
It would be fun.



To learn more:

  • French release: 08/27/2014
  • French film distributor: Paramount Pictures France

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