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Kali, the first Canal+’s web series

Dernière mise à jour : janvier 30th, 2021 at 10:36 pm

<i>Kali</i>, the first Canal+'s web series 1 imageA young English woman wakes up in the Eurostar, totally amnesiac. At Gare du Nord, she’s attacked. She reacts with precision and violence that astonish her, and discovers that she speaks fluent French…

<i>Kali</i>, the first Canal+'s web series 2 image

Canal+ launches itself in web serie with “Kali”, a series of 12 episodes of 6 minutes, plus in December on televison a long version of 90 min. With a budget of 1 million euros, Canal Plus decided to hit high. From the first episode, the tone is set: graphic generic like “House M.D.” and the first shots of the first episode are overexposed and almost abstract, dialogues are in English and travel on the Eurostar for a passage from English into French. The ambition is displayed: it is to do as well as the U.S.!

As in the comic book “XIII”, Kali has amnesia and finds herself quickly fighting with killers who will awaken her reflexes warrior. One thinks of the TV shows “Alias” and Jack Bauer of “24” for scenes of fighting and then the movie “Run Lola Run” for the running away of Kali in Paris. So for this fiction for the web, voice-off reflecting all that the protagonist feels, choice of plans still moving and viewed from differents points of view, and of course, chases and fight scenes at will. Like Jack Bauer, be in motion seems to be a matter of survival for Kali. And when she finds time to stop, it’s to be told that she must continue to run. Run, Kali, Run, time is short: they are only 12 episodes of 6 minutes after all!

The episodes come out since October 19, 2009, the Monday and the Thursday, three episodes are already online at the website of Canal Plus at the time of writing this note. Obviously, as Canal Plus is often the channel’s most innovative in television (one thinks particularly here in the series too quickly stopped for lack of audience, “La Commune”, but there are also many other series), it will be very interesting to follow the evolution of this series although its scarce resources and the choice of treating a subject around the new technology can curb our enthusiasm somewhat. But we will judge at the end. To be continued so…

Official website of the web serie (in French):

Official website of Canal Plus (in French):

Jean-Christophe Nurbel

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