The figure of the fool in love with Yvan Attal (<i>Leaving</i>, <i>Regrets</i>) 1 image

The figure of the fool in love with Yvan Attal (Leaving, Regrets)

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The figure of the fool in love with Yvan Attal (<i>Leaving</i>, <i>Regrets</i>) 2 image The figure of the fool in love with Yvan Attal (<i>Leaving</i>, <i>Regrets</i>) 3 image


Random programming and coincidence between filmmakers, two French films, “Leaving” (“Partir”) by Catherine Corsini and “Regrets” (“Les Regrets”) by Cédric Kahn, were released in France with the same actor Yvan Attal, and the same type of story: a story of a man that love will make him crazy and will push him in extreme reactions against the rejection of the woman he loves.

On the other, the film “Regrets” where Yvan Attal, main character, goes to live adultery with a former youth sweetheart played by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.
In both films, this will be the same image of a woman on the run: the character of Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in “Regrets” will flee in Chile with another man while the character of Kristin Scott Thomas in “Leaving” will flee with Sergi López in Spain. But in both cases, Yvan Attal attempt to keep them with words and then with violence. This violence will also be an important scene in both films when the character of Yvan Attal will cling to these desperate women in order to retain them and then to assault them, to threaten them, to beg them, to trap them in his arms, in vain.
Architect in “Regrets” and doctor in “Leaving”, the characters played by Yvan Attal are freed from economic problems but are not free from love. Main character in “Regrets”, so active character, he can be temporarily free of this weakness (the film’s ending is open about this) but secondary character in “Leaving”, then passive character, he will succumb to this weakness.
Still, it is amusing to notice this kind of coincidence among film directors who have found in the same actor the ability to embody love and its excesses. So, in those two films, Yvan Attal plays the figure of the mad love that only death can free you if you do not take charge of your destiny by being the main character of your own history.
Finally, it is also interesting to note the coincidence in the choice of titles of these two films because according to their alternation, either moral of both films is: leaving then regrets or regrets then leaving?
“Leaving” (2008)
Directed by : Catherine Corsini
With : Kristin Scott Thomas, Sergi López, Yvan Attal
Production : Pyramide Production (France), Caméra One (France), Solaire Production (France)
“Regrets” (2008)
Directed by : Cédric Kahn
With : Yvan Attal, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Arly Jover
Production : Les Films du Lendemain (France), Maïa Cinéma (France), Mars Films (France), Dragon 8 (France)

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