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[REVIEW] “The Promise” (2011) by Peter Kosminsky

Dernière mise à jour : septembre 4th, 2017 at 06:55 pm

Meeting under tight surveillance at the Séries Mania festival at Forum des images: the creator of the controversial British series The Promise (2010) was in Paris. Our review on this series.

Synopsis :

Erin Matthews (Claire Foy), a young Londoner, discovers that her grandfather Len (Christian Cooke) was part of the interposition forces during the British mandate in Israel.

The Promise :
A really great series


Former war reporter and documentary filmmaker, Peter Kosminsky likes to treat sensitive and controversies issues related to geopolitical news (wars in Bosnia and Iraq, terrorism in Great Britain). After a lots of researches conducted over eight years (audio documents, diaries, historians, letters, locations, military reports, testimonials, etc..), he signed with The Promise a very interesting serie of 4 episodes of 90 minutes about the creation of the State of Israel. Cleverly constructed on an alternating editing between the late ’40s and 2005, the mini-serie approaches with a critical eye the British Mandate in Palestine after the Second World War and the present Israeli-Palestinian everyday life.

“Drama is for me to put ordinary people in extraordinary situations” (Peter Kosminsky). The first two episodes of The Promise seen at the 2011 Séries Mania festival at Forum des images (Paris, France) were really great.



To learn more:

  • 2011 Séries Mania festival from 11th au 17th April at Forum des images (Paris, France)
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