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[Review & Interviews] “Black Spot” season 1: A crime and fantasy television series

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Unprecedented characters and cast

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The challenge was to create a world of its own and to make the viewer travel. And the cast was nourished by this appetite for rarity. And we had to create a coherent community, so with well-known actors, we would have unbalanced our world. And the chance was to find many actors from the theater and to create this community, it was necessary to create a troupe effect and it was done quickly. It must be said that the hostility of nature on the spot also helped to close the ranks.
— Vincent Mouluquet

Another thing that strikes in Black Spot season 1 is its many characters (a dozen recurring) characterized in an original way and interpreted by a cast of actors who have played little on television and even less in a television series. And who better to talk about the characters than the actors themselves!

Thus, for Suliane Brahim, the comedian of La Comedie-Francaise who plays the main heroine, Major Laurène Weiss, “with this character, there is very little moment she takes out her weapon, she gives orders. She is in a form of motherhood with her daughter but also in her relationship with nature”.

And for the actor Hubert Delattre, who plays Férandis, loyal Deputy of Major Laurène, this character allows “the rebalancing between her instinct and his method. They are a bit like a brother and a sister. They do not agree but they go in the same direction”. A role that has allowed him to win Best Promising Actor Award at Festival des Créations Télévisuelles de Luchon 2017.

But the real surprise of Black Spot season 1 is the actor Laurent Capelluto and his role as prosecutor, the one who doesn’t belong to the village. The actor is irresistible in the role of this character with many obsessive disorders: “What I liked isthis character to be out of phase with reality. And it’s also a point of entry into this community he discovers. He does not share the same roots with them. And I remember when I went into the Sabine’s bar setting [Editor’s note: Sabine is a character played by Brigitte Sy], I really felt like I was in a western. And he has that stubborn, honest, narrow-minded side. One does not understand well what he animates to want absolutely to seek the truth and one says oneself that there is also a part of mystery with him. And he has some small obsessive troubles that are very enjoyable to play. But on the set, when people laughed, I did not understand because I found this boy very coherent”.

Impossible not to ask the creator Mathieu Missoffe where he came the idea of ​​this atypical character: “You must know that my parents live in Villefranche-de-Lauragais and I can not go because I’m very allergic in the countryside. Then, the character of the prosecutor walks a lot in duet with the mayor on the report to the group and the institutions. All that is to put in front the nature, the individual and the group. And the prosecutor in his crusade against corruption with his share of pride and blindness runs up against the mayor who, when the institutions are failing, was used to create another illegal system by his father. Me, I built them duet on the length of the season”.

And this character of the mayor of whom Mathieu Missoffe speaks is played by Samuel Jouy who is thus the exception of this unusual cast of Black Spot season 1 because he is more known on French television: “I did not seek to play the mayor. I told myself that I was automatically it. What interested me was the drama of this guy who pulls him from the first to the eighth episode: the disappearance of his daughter, the mourning that can not be done. As soon as I read that, I told myself that this man had only that in mind. And for the rest, he’s a ghost, he’s missing. There is a moment when he awakes, it is when he has a story that comes back with Laurène. For me, it is a person who is absent to himself, even when he manages the sawmill. He has only one goal: to find his daughter, and if something has happened to her, find the guy who did it to her. It is the relationship with this girl and her disappearance that resonated very strongly in me”.

Jean-Christophe Nurbel

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