[REVIEW] "Zulu" (2008) by Caryl Férey 1 image

[REVIEW] “Zulu” (2008) by Caryl Férey

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Zulu by Caryl Ferey: as a child Ali Neuman ran away from the Bantoustan of KwaZulu to escape the Inkatha militia, at war with the ANC, so illegal. Even his mother, the only survivor of the family, doesnt know what they have done to him…


Today chief of the criminal police of Cape Town, window on South Africa, Neuman has to cope with two major curses: violence and AIDs, of which the country, the first African democracy, breaks all the records.

Zulu :
A realism that sends shivers down back


Things escalate when the daughter of a former world champion rugby player is found cruelly murdered in the Botanical Gardens of Kirstenbosch. A drug of unknown substance seems to be the cause of the murder. Neuman who, following the attack on his mother, investigates simultaneously in the townships, sends his right-hand man, Brian Epkeen, and the young Fletcher on the trails of the killer, without knowing what they are walking into…If Apartheid has disappeared from the political scene, old enemies still take action in shadow of national reconciliation…

Located in the middle of the townships where are proliferating drug trafficking, prostitution, AIDS, gang warfare, the dangerous totsis (hoodlums or street thugs) and extreme violence, the realism of the thriller Zulu of the French author Caryl Férey sends shivers down back.

For example, you have to discover this incredible scene on the beach where the three police officers (Brian, Fletcher and Neuman) are between life and death. More, in one year it is the beginning of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa…

Zulu by Caryl Férey is a Bulles de Culture’s favorites!


To learn more:

  • Grand Prix de Littérature Policière 2008
  • Prix du Roman Noir Nouvel Observateur 2009
  • Grand prix des lectrices de Elle, Policier 2009
  • Prix Jean Amila-Meckert 2009
  • Prix des Lecteurs Quais du Polar 2009
  • Grand Prix du Roman Noir Français 2009
  • Prix Mystère de la Critique 2009
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