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[REVIEW] Fed up of vuvuzela? Test "Glee"! 1 image

[REVIEW] Fed up of vuvuzela? Test “Glee”!

Dernière mise à jour : juin 5th, 2017 at 08:44 am

Its last episode was just aired in the U.S. when the new series event of the American channel Fox, Glee season 1 by Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk et Ryan Murphy, started to be broadcasted in France on the channel Orange Cinéma Séries.

Glee season 1 :
A true vision of
the U.S. school model


Far from being, as many news present it as the television version of the film High School Musical, Glee season 1 is a TV show which depicted without smoothing the U.S. school model (unlike Disney, producer of High School Musical and Hannah Montana).

Indeed, the serie does not only limit itself to thematics like integration and first stirrings, it addresses issues like:

  • competition and show business jungle,
  • homosexuality,
  • unwed mothers,
  • obesity,
  • marital problems,
  • social differences,
  • adoption,
  • motor disability,
  • religion,
  • racism…

Here, exit Dawson, his contemplative monologues and his questions on the purpuse of life. In Glee when something goes wrong, they sing it… and they better have to assume it!

Let’s sing!


The sharp humor of the producer of the very disturbing series Nip/Tuck, Ryan Murphy, is back on our screens with Glee season 1. The music serie takes place in a small school from Ohio, where William Schuester (Matthew Morrison), a Spanish teacher for ill at ease teenagers, decides to deal with the choir of his school which was neglected by its predecessor. He will deploy ingenuity and machiavellianism to reconstitute a worthy Glee Club against the advices of his wife, the highschool’s headmaster and the tyrannical cheerleaders’s coach, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). After a hearing and various blackmails, Will Schuester starts a Glee Club with an unpopular top of form girl, a manipulative cheerleader and her brainless best friend, a pregnant president of the “Chastity Club”, a dumb football captain, a Jewish rebel, an obese black diva, a paraplegic and gifted guitarist schoolboy, a stuttering young gothic girl and a homo boy with a castrato voice. Together, the Glee club will have to be welded to face the trials to reach the regional competition of choirs.Awards and guest-stars

Glee season 1 image

Awarded for its first season of the Golden Globe for best musical/comedy television serie in 2010, Glee season 1 has catapulted to the top young music hall players, talented singers and/or dancers, previously unknown to TV audience.

And many guest-stars has also joined the cast such as:

  • Olivia Newton John (Grease),
  • Neil Patrick Harris, aka the Barney Stinson of the famous How I Met Your Mother, which has already demonstrated his singing in the musical webserie Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog.

The perfect series
for karaoke night


Built around an artist or a theme as an assignment imposed by the Glee club teacher, each episode of Glee season 1 takes 4-5 songs, from the old standard to the last hit. To see: the 15th episode dedicated to Madonna and an other one intitled Theatricality dedicated to the excentric diva Lady Gaga.

Glee season 1 posterThe celebrities rush to have a small part in the serie whose success is so huge that seasons 2 and 3 have already been signed by Fox. The phenomem is so udge that it has created his own langage naming the tv show’s fans the “gleeks”, ingeniously associating the name of the show to the expression “geek” (as the new technology, games and tv show addicts used to be called, a name which is usely assimilated with the idea of the loser). Althought the looser sign (symbolised by a big “L” on the forehead) is used in the tittle of the show on his promoting campaign.

Quick tip for watching the TV show: go for the original version. And if you dare, try the subtitled one, invite your friends and the karaoke night can start!

The vuvuzela may reach 121 decibels at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, we will cover their hummings with our full lungs!


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