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TimesCast: In the heart of The New York Times

Dernière mise à jour article : 12 August 2016 à 22:12

With TimesCast, if you’ve always dreamed of seeing what is happening in the newsrooms of major newspapers in those days of successful reality show, daily broadcasted on the internet since Monday, March 22, 2010 of the newsroom of the famous American newspaper The New York Times. Lasting less than ten minutes, these broadcasts will be aired from Monday to Friday at 18:00 GMT.

Where each newspaper is seeking a business model on the web, we welcome this exciting initiative of this American newspaper with TimesCast. Modules of 6-8 minutes divided into four themes, each of these webisodes begin with a discussion about the front page of the newspaper and then three modules make us to meet reporters and editors directly interviewed about three other subjects.

With a short duration of interventions, a common thread (four chapters), no downtime and a jazzy and dynamic music, the format of these videos does not allow the spontaneity of the intervenors but with the proliferation of continuous news channels and the crisis of traditional news programs, it brings a new approach to information.

And if with its editors, journalists, correspondents and experts, The New York Times was announcing us the beginning of a new offer appointments of daily information to internet viewers?

You be the judge!


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