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Warren Haynes doesn't play Guitar hero... 1 image

Warren Haynes doesn’t play Guitar hero…

Dernière mise à jour article : 1 June 2016 à 15:07

Warren Haynes doesn't play Guitar hero... 2 image

So let’s put the spotlight on one of my favorites guitar players, Warren Haynes.

Growing up with the sound of rock, blues and even hard rock, Haynes began his career within the legendary Allman Brothers Band. It was a difficult task to handle to replace the virtuoso guitarist Duane Allman (remember the long guitar chorus on “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos).

He took over Duane’s way of playing and managed to keep his personality and to integrate it in the band’s music. But it didn’t just stayed a slideman and founded his own band Gov’t Mule in 1994 and he also played in many famous bands like the Dereck trucks Band, The Dead, The Dave Matthews Band.

He’s not only a good guitarist but he’s also a good singer and composer. He has an important discography and I couldn’t listen to all his official records or bootleg: there must be a hundred of them. I would recommend to begin with the following recordings :

  • “Where it all begins” (Allman Brothers Band) ;
  • “Life before insanity” (Gov’t Mule).

But the real fun for Warren Haynes, it’s the jam sessions and his long improvisations. So I advise you to check all the live recordings like “Live with a little help from my friends” (Gov’t mule).

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