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The Enigma of Arrival by Wen Song poster film 2

“The Enigma of Arrival” (2018) by Wen Song : Posters and first images

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Presented at Busan International Film Festival in 2018, The Enigma of Arrival (抵达之谜) is the debut film of director Wen Song, co-founder and president of the FIRST International Film Festival, an independent film festival in China. Here are posters and first images of this Chinese drama movie.

Synopsis :

After many years, a group of college friends reunite. They have not seen each other since the disappearance of Dongdong, a girl that they all secretly fancies. The circumstances of her disappearance caused the end of their friendship. A lot has remained unsaid. Until now.

Direction: Wen Song
Richeng Tao, Wen Song, Zonglei Li, Lian Duan
Xian Li, Borui Dong, Xuan Gu, Wei Liu, Xiao Fanlin, Zonglei, Qiyan Zhang
You Li
Editing: Hongyu Yang
Sound: Xiaoshi Guo
Music: Mingkang Zhu
Production: Hehe Pictures, Bingchi Pictures, Black Ant Film, White Horse Film
Distribution: Unknown

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