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La derniere Nuit Tome 1 - La Tombe de Cain

[REVIEW] “La dernière Nuit, Tome 1 : La Tombe de Caïn” by Werner Maresta and Marco Belli

Dernière mise à jour article : 13 December 2016 à 10:25

In the not too distant future, the vampire race manages to block out sunlight, by an ancient ritual and starts to exterminate the human race. The survivors regroup themselves, become an armed coalition and resist… in La dernière Nuit, Tome 1 : La Tombe de Caïn [aka Last Night, Book 1: The Tomb of Cain] by Werner Maresta and Marco Belli.

La dernière Nuit, Tome 1 : La Tombe de Caïn :
An interesting plot
but a story finally deceptive


The very interesting, above synopsis, is deceptive. The ancient ritual and the danger of the surrounding omni-present darkness are, unfortunately, not well shown. The pitch itself is not exploited fully.

But the biggest problems of La dernière Nuit, Tome 1 : La Tombe de Caïn (which does sport a very correct drawing style) are the characters that are not just likable enough or intriguing enough. The relations between the characters echo that of a very bad French serial: one can find that they are reminiscent of series like the French one, Plus Belle la vie, or The Bold And The Beautiful for American viewers in their stereotypes.

Yes, it is that bad !

The narrative momentum of La dernière Nuit, Tome 1 : La Tombe de Caïn is suffering from this obvious lack of plot and emotions crawls heavily until the cliffhanger ending of the book. But the reader is so disappointed that he’ll put this book on the pile of books to re-sell.


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