[REVIEW] Fed up of vuvuzela? Test “Glee”!

[REVIEW] Fed up of vuvuzela? Test "Glee"! 1 image

Dernière mise à jour article : 5 June 2017 à 08:44Its last episode was just aired in the U.S. when the new series event of the American channel Fox, Glee season 1 by Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk et Ryan Murphy, started to be broadcasted in France on the channel Orange Cinéma Séries.

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Kick-Ass, the film you are the super-hero!

Kick-Ass de Matthew Vaughn affiche film cinéma

Dernière mise à jour article : 10 September 2016 à 11:26 Who has never dreamed of being a hero one day? Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), yes! By boredom and envy to exist in the eyes of girls, this teenager, fan of comics, decides to bridge the gap between fiction and reality and to become a superhero: Kick Ass is born!

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