[Review] “The Looming Tower” season 1: FBI Vs CIA Vs Al-Qaïda

The Looming Tower 2018

Based on the eponymous book by American journalist Lawrence Wright, Pulitzer Prize in 2007, the Hulu mini-series The Looming Tower by Dan Futterman, Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright discuss the FBI/CIA rivalry in the late ’90s while the threat Bin Laden and Al Qaeda was growing. The opinion of Bulles de Culture on The Looming Tower season 1, available on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, March 9, 2018 in France.

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[Review & Interviews] “Black Spot” season 1: A crime and fantasy television series

Zone Blanche saison 1 affiche

A truly ambitious direction What makes the quality of Black Spot season 1 and which is often lacking to the series with the promising concepts is that there was a real agreement between the creator Mathieu Missoffe, the producer Vincent Mouluquet and the two directors Thierry Poiraud and Julien Despaux: a true “artistic gang”, dixit Vincent Mouluquet. Thierry Poiraud directed the first four episodes and Julien Despaux the following four. Their direction is very stylized with an image format close to cinemascope, composed frames, beautiful aerial shots on the forest, a daring direction — they do not hesitate to shot …

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Les Globes de Cristal 2017: The Full list of winners


Les Globes de Cristal 2017 – Cinema   Globes de Cristal 2017 – Best Motion Picture: Monsieur Chocolat by Roschdy Zem Bravo à toute l'équipe du film "Chocolat" #GlobesdeCristal pic.twitter.com/hPc3etcA3v — Globes De Cristal (@GlobesDeCristal) January 31, 2017   Globes de Cristal 2017 – Best Actress: Isabelle Huppert in Elle by Paul Verhoeven Bravo Isabelle Huppert ! #GlobesdeCristal pic.twitter.com/kSTBpKtkUP — Globes De Cristal (@GlobesDeCristal) January 31, 2017     Globes de Cristal 2017 – Best Actor: Omar Sy dans Chocolat de Roschdy Zem Bravo Omar Sy ! pic.twitter.com/YYIxxfCYDL — Globes De Cristal (@GlobesDeCristal) January 31, 2017 Exceptionnel Omar Sy ! …

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