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[Review] “The Mentalist” season 2

[Review] "The Mentalist" season 2 3 image

The Mentalist continues to be one of the best detective shows of the moment. This is due to the remarkable performance of Simon Baker, who portrays Patrick Jane, a man, who possesses a great sense of deduction, coupled with the ability to manipulate people to get answers. TV series review by Bulles de Culture.

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The Mighty Peking Man (1977), an endearing turkey

<i>The Mighty Peking Man</i> (1977), an endearing turkey 6 image

In 1977, studios of the Shaw Brothers, that flooded the screens of the world with wu xia pan and kung-fu movies, begin to show a slight decline. It must be said that Bruce Lee films showed up and the audience began to ask for something new and more dynamic. Since that time Shaw Brothers started to diversify. The year before, King Kong by John Guillermin has proved a worldwide success. Sir Runme Shaw will then decide to launch production of a remake: The Mighty Peking Man (猩猩王, 1977).

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Paranoia Agent, a break from reality

<i>Paranoia Agent</i>, a break from reality 8 image

“Paranoia Agent” is a Japanese animated TV serie created in 2004 by director Satoshi Kon and produced whithin Madhouse studio. The serie follows several characters around an investigation carried out by two police detectives to stop the always more violent and frequent attacks by a mysterious and elusive roller-skating kid the medias nicknames Lil’ Slugger.

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