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The Madcaps (2015) by The Madcaps, French garage

As March draws its last, there blows a breeze which has begun to chase away the gloom. There has been chatter across the radio-waves. The reason? The Madcaps and the release of their self-titled first album. Our review.     

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[Review] “Apache” by Danger Beach

Here is a very inventive animated videoclip for the instrumental and surf-pop single Apache (album Milky Way) by the Australian band Danger Beach.

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“Let England Shake” (2011) by PJ Harvey / “Bach” (2010) by Richard Galliano

For this Valentine’s Day Monday, wink at the new album of British PJ Harvey (“Let England Shake”) and walk in the land of Johann Sebastian Bach’s with French-Italian Richard Galliano (“Bach”).

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“My Best Friend is You”, Kate Nash’s new album

After the success of the 2007 single “Foundations” from her debut album, “Made of Bricks”, here is the return of the British pop singer Kate Nash with a second album, “My Best Friend Is You”.

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“Third Round” (2010), a jazzy and groovy fifth album by Manu Katché

Talented French drummer, Emmanuel (Manu) Katché returns as a songwriter with a jazzy and groovy fifth album, “Third Round”.

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The French singer Mano Solo goes on his way


French singer Mano Solo, born Emmanuel Cabut at Châlons-sur-Marne in April 24, 1963, died this Sunday, January 10, 2010 in Paris.

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Evelyn Glennie, a virtuoso and deaf

Evelyn Glennie is a Scottish composer and virtuoso percussionist. Although deaf since age 12, she plays with both classical and contemporary musicians (including a duet on My Spine on the album Telegram of the Icelandic Björk), while sponsoring many associations assistance to young deaf musicians.    

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Warren Haynes doesn’t play Guitar hero…

So let’s put the spotlight on one of my favorites guitar players, Warren Haynes.

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[NEWS] Prix Constantin 2009, the best ten artists of the musical year

The Prix Constantin rewards an artist with an album produced and distributed in France (live albums or reissues are not accepted) and who have never won Gold Disc (50 000 albums sold). The jury of the “Prix Constantin” consists of at least 17 persons chosen from among professionals of the press, radio and television, record stores and music retailers online.

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Meddy Gerville at New Morning

Want to party and eat creole food? Go and have a look at New Morning (famous concert hall in Paris, France) this Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 8 P.M. and take part in “Ri Sofé” of Meddy Gerville, mixture of jazz and rhythms of the Reunion Island.

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