[REVIEW] “Pas à pas dans la brume électrique” (2009), a trip to Louisiana along with the director Bertrand Tavernier


After forty-one days of shooting in Louisiana for the film “In the Electric Mist” with American actor Tommy Lee Jones, the French director Bertrand Tavernier (“Death Watch”, “Round Midnight” and “Fresh Bait”) remembers this rich but also arduous experience in his book “Pas à pas dans la brume électrique” (litterarly, “Step by step in the electric mist”).

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♥ [REVIEW] “Je reviens de mourir” (2008) by Antoine Dole: The breath away

A crush and an unexpected slap. At the publication of the book by Antoine Dole, Je reviens de mourir (aka I Have Died Again, 2008), it is a tragedy! There are critics on all side : a book “too violent”, “unsuited to the public”, “without hope or desire for redemption”. Indeed, the book is harsh. The description of pain and despair makes the story difficult to read. However, this brutality does not leave us indifferent… You go through all the colors and read each sentence, shuddering.

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“Point d’orgue”, Creole-French magazine

Last days of Salon du livre de Paris 2010 (litteraly, “Book Fair Paris 2010”) and here is the opportunity to talk about the Creole review Point d’orgue which the bi-annual publication has started in 2009.  

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Father of Holden Caulfield, J.D. Salinger is gone

jd salinger image

Author of the famous novel “The Catcher in the Rye”, the American writer J.D. Salinger (Jerome David Salinger), born on 1 January 1919 in New York, died January 27, 2010 in New Hampshire.

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Osamu Tezuka, the father of the manga

Let’s take advantage of the movie actuality with the release of Astro Boy (2009) by David Bowers, to have a quick look on Osamu Tezuka, the creator of this character and his work.

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[REVIEW] “A Case of Exploding Mangoes” (2009) by Mohammed Hanif

a case of exploding mangoes book

After the South African, contemporary and hardboiled thriller, Zulu by Caryl Férey, let’s go to the 80s in Pakistan with A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif.

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[REVIEW] “La dernière Nuit, Tome 1 : La Tombe de Caïn” by Werner Maresta and Marco Belli

La derniere Nuit Tome 1 - La Tombe de Cain

In the not too distant future, the vampire race manages to block out sunlight, by an ancient ritual and starts to exterminate the human race. The survivors regroup themselves, become an armed coalition and resist… in La dernière Nuit, Tome 1 : La Tombe de Caïn [aka Last Night, Book 1: The Tomb of Cain] by Werner Maresta and Marco Belli.

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[REVIEW] “The Hunter” by Darwyn Cooke

the hunter darwyn cooke album cover

Before The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke, a while back, I saw Payback by Brian Helgeland, the crime flick with Mel Gibson in theaters. I liked the movie. I thought it was dark and cool. It had a cool anti-hero, lots of gunfights and a very unusual storyline. I thought the writers of the film were geniuses. How wrong I was!

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[REVIEW] “Zulu” (2008) by Caryl Férey

Zulu by Caryl Ferey: as a child Ali Neuman ran away from the Bantoustan of KwaZulu to escape the Inkatha militia, at war with the ANC, so illegal. Even his mother, the only survivor of the family, doesnt know what they have done to him…

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