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[Review] “Apache” by Danger Beach

Here is a very inventive animated videoclip for the instrumental and surf-pop single Apache (album Milky Way) by the Australian band Danger Beach.

Danger Beach is the band of LA Thomas, alter ego of lo-fi noise pop band Assassins 88. Inspired by the single Apache from their album, New Zealand illustrator Ned Wenlock and animator Rodney Selby have therefore made this excellent animation to discover.



“This video was a lot of fun to make. I had an Apache character I’d been doodling for a while (read doodles post from last year) but I wasn’t sure what to do with him until I came across this track on a website called New Weird Australia. The track was perfect, I got in touch with the band (Danger Beach) and started noodling out some ideas” (Ned Wenlock).”

“I liked the idea of the Apache traveling from his home via different old fashioned modes of transport and finally getting swallowed up the modern city, giving a sense of nostalgia – similar to the start of the film ‘Midnight Cowboy’ with it’s track ‘Everybody’s Talkin’” (Ned Wenlock, cf. the website Motionographer).

Have a good week.

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