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“Éclats de vie” by Jacques Weber

French actor Jacques Weber is taking his ease for a few weeks at theater Hébertot and is playing again his show “Seul en scène” under an other title and always the same great pleasure to share his favorite authors on the stage: Éclats de vie.



“Duras, La Fontaine, Mayakovsky, Rimbaud, Beckett
were with us on the playground,
we were taking vengeance on the school”
Jacques Weber

Excellence Award 1971 unanimously at French National Academy of Dramatic Arts (CNSAD), Cesar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role 1991 for his part of Count of Guiche in the film by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (“Cyrano de Bergerac”, 1990), Jacques Weber has early preferred the stage (he created his first plays when he was 11 years old) to the desks of the school (he left just after completing with difficulty his high school certificate). There is a certain irony in this new show of Jacques Weber. Indeed, Weber has early preferred the stage (he created his first plays when he was 11 years old) to the school desks (he left just after completing with difficulty his high school certificate). However, grown up, he uses on the scene the very used French schoolbook Lagarde and Michard and like a child, he opens his toy box, replays us all the texts he has studied, all those words he has said over and over and he shares us all of it for more than an hour, in a delectation of the French language.

“I come alone, rough voice and bare hands, a book under my arm,
to play to laugh, to cry, to think with words
 which I find beautiful and which don’t make me afraid anymore”
— Jacques Weber

To hear these offered words, no need of scenographic exuberance, the stage is covered with black curtains where only a high stool and a carafe of water are emerging. Alone on stage, Weber illuminates the scene of his presence. Alone on the stage, he makes to appear alternately Edmond Rostand, Antonin Artaud, Jean de La Fontaine, Gustave Flaubert, Molière, Arthur Rimbaud, Raymond Devos, Pierre Corneille, Alphonse de Lamartine, Boris Vian, and many others. From childhood to old age, Jacques Weber, from a life to an other, recites, embodies, tells, apes, sings and plays all these texts.


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Éclats de vie is created as a singing tour,
but it is indeed theater ;
 a story is told in spite of myself,
 who has for instrument
 my hands and my voice”
— Jacques Weber

Playing truant, life school, go see these glows (“éclats” in French), this life (“vie” in French), let yourself be dazzled sight and hearing by these Éclats de vie.

Jean-Christophe Nurbel
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      En savoir plus :

      • Éclats de vie by Jacques Weber from December 14th au 31st, 2010 at Théâtre Héberthot (Paris, France)

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