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Sophie Bolze, death of a committed editor

Funeral of the French editor Sophie Bolze (The Dominici Affair, Substitute). Born in 1958, she died on Tuesday, June 8, 2010.

Sophie Bolze,
editor of politically-motivated films

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Assistant editor and sound editor on several feature films (Poussières de vie by Rachid Bouchareb, Jacquot de Nantes by Agnès Varda, etc..), Sophie Bolze became chief editor specializing in documentary films.

From the movie of Fred Poulet and Vikash Dhorasoo on the World Cup 2006 (Substitute, 2006) to her documentaries films with Huit Production (Les anneaux du serpent, L’atelier de Boris and The Dominici Affair by Christophe Cognet), Sophie Bolze has often worked on politically-motivated films (La photo déchirée, chronique d’une émigration clandestine by José Vieira, Au Bled by Stéphane Le Gall-Viliker, etc.).

The direction on a cooperative farming village of Andalusia gave also two politically-motivated films:

  • Marinaleda, l’utopie en marche (26min, 1991),
  • then Marinaleda, un village en utopie (52min, 2009).


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