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Dede Allen, death of a cinema pioneer

American Editor, Dorothea Carothers “Dede” Allen, born on December 3, 1923, died in Los Angeles April 17, 2010.

Dede Allen:
One of the great pioneers of cinema

Small tribute bubble to Dede Allen, one of the great cinema pioneers, who revolutionized film editing with films like “Odds Against Tomorrow” by Robert Wise (1959), “The Hustler” by Robert Rossen (1961), “Dog Day Afternoon” by Sidney Lumet (1975) where herwork on image (jump-cut, time-lapse, slow motion) and sound (audio shift) has revolutionized the action film, the culmination point of this approach being the famous final scene of “Bonnie and Clyde” by Arthur Penn (1967).

With three nominations for the Oscar for Best Editing, Dede Allen worked with the greatest ones:

  • Warren Beatty (“Reds”),
  • Elia Kazan (“America, America”),
  • Sidney Lumet (“Serpico”, “Dog Day Afternoon”, “The Wiz”),
  • Arthur Penn (“Bonnie and Clyde”, “Alice’s Restaurant”, “Little Big Man”, “Night Moves”, “Missouri Breaks”),
  • Robert Rossen (“The Hustler”),
  • George Roy Hill (“Slaughterhouse-Five”),
  • Robert Wise (“Odds against Tomorrow”),


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